Southern Sequins…


6EC881FF-8673-4A63-85C8-691EF088EA33Like the saying goes..”If ya can’t beat um.. join um”, that’s just what Southern Sequins did! Then they left their competition in the dust! Here is their magical boutiques inspiring story!
What started as a DIY accessory attempt, has turned into a thriving jewelry brand and design studio, in the sleepy little town of Vero Beach, FL.
I was 20 years old when I discovered my passion for creating in 2014. It all started with some trendy bracelets everyone was wearing, and I wanted some bad! After driving an hour away to the closest retailer, and paying $75 (nearly all of my paycheck at the time) for TWO of them, I just knew there had to be options.
A few days later, I found myself at the local craft store buying beads and things to make those bracelets and before you knew it, Southern Sequins was born. Once the name was chosen, we launched our social media accounts as well as our Etsy site. Over the years, we have evolved as a brand and are now set up for both retail and wholesale distribution. We are represented by about 10 boutiques in various states around the Country. Please visit our design studio in Vero Beach where you can shop the collection in person!
What could be better than finding handmade unique pieces at the best prices? I’m obsessed with all my finds from this shop… all different little pieces of statement art waiting to be seen! I can’t wait to show y’all my new pieces! Shop Southern Boutique by clicking the link below and find those pieces that help you stand out from the crowd!

The Pink Pug Shop…


Finding a boutique that carries the newest trendy styles along with a selection of unique and original pieces is hard to find. At the Pink Pug Shop they carry it all from Women’s , kids and plus size clothing… to gifts, bath products, decor and jewelry. They have new arrivals weekly so you can get it before anyone else. Their styles are refreshingly original, and there is something for everyone, whether your a little classic, a little hippy, and a little funky they have something that will catch your eye….Even for the Queen Boss Lady. Shop online by clicking the link below or stop by the shop to see Pixie the Pug!



F910F784-38CA-47D6-8B31-D27E79AA909AThe perfect statement piece can make an outfit! Finding jewelry that transitions flawless from day to night wear is every girls dream. KayandStar carry a huge variety of handmade jewelry carefully crafted from the perfect materials like tassels and arrowheads. Here is their story….
KayandStar began as a dream many years ago in my childhood home as I watched my mother craft and create all sorts of beautiful things. It seemed to me that anything she touched turned to gold! Now I am honored to be working side by side with the most brilliant artist I know creating works of art for all to wear! My name is Jordan Star. I am a wife, mother of 3, ballet dancer in a former life and now artisan of beaded tassel jewelry! My mother is Julie Kay. She is a wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 16, and my creative mentor of all things artistic. Together we love to CREATE AND GIVE original pieces of jewelry. Each piece is handmade including the colorful tassels with a variety of accent focal beads. Our necklaces transition flawlessly from a casual day look to an elegant evening attire. We make most of pieces with gemstones and also use arrowheads, agate slices and horns. We hope you find a look that reflects your artistic style! May our jewelry inspire you to CREATE AND GIVE!
Find that perfect price you can’t live without or create magic for someone else by finding the perfect gift by shopping the link below!

Hello Sailor Tees….


Investing in gender equality and women’s empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale. That’s why I love company’s that sell items that support this cause. Not only does Hello Sailor Tees have unique items that support Girl Power. They also have the sweetest pop culture items for the geek in all of us! From t-shirts and enamel pins to pop culture prints for the home , makeup bags and the coolest sunnies. This shop has a little something for everyone. You won’t find this unique selection anywhere else. So gather your best babes and have a girls night in shopping this empowering and obsession worthy boutique. Just click the link below Babes!

Havel Grove Customs…


Today it’s all about the monogram…make your mark with Havel Grove Customs. Choose your letter, font, and color to create your personalized monogram. Hazel Grove Customs is a shopper’s one stop shop haven; they provide a wide selection of Unique Personalized Gifts for all ages! From jewelry to cups, keychains and home goods. They have an extensive collection of custom items at great prices.
Havel Grove Customs took over an existing brand, Kelly & Pavel Design, in 2016. In 2018, they re-branded as Hazel Grove Gifts. They are a team of creatives that likes to design and create unique items. I’m obsessing over my monogram tortoise necklace and earrings. Join me and personalize your life by clicking the link below.



I love minimalist jewelry that still makes a statement! DyNaMo makes unique high end pieces that work with textures, rare stones and magical geometric shapes. This shop specializes in making pieces that get you more wear for less money…
Dana and Melissa are the creators with the imagination behind DyNamo. We had met a lifetime ago, through a friend, in which they realized they had shared many of the same hobbies and interests. DyNamo all started after I had been making jewelry for myself and thought it would be fun to continue to keep making jewelry. Melissa, who had similar interests in doing crafty things, like knitting, was interested in the proposition of combing forces. The name Dynamo was born after we had sat down trying to think of a good way to combine both of our names. Melissa frequently goes by the nickname Mo, and we also know that awesome things happen we get together, so Dynamo just seemed to fit. Creating accessories was the obvious choice since the economy was tanking and people did not have a lot of money to spend on things that were not a necessity. Accessories are the easiest way to get a ton of mileage out of a wardrobe without having to go out and buy all new clothes. Many of our items are inspired by runway trends, and re-inventing existing materials.We love giving existing items a second life, especially when it comes to our packaging. By minimizing the amount of packaging materials we use, this is our commitment to sustainability. We use recycled paper toweling tubes for shipment of our rings. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also helps keep precious cargo safe! Many of our other products are shipped with paper products that are easily recyclable as well.
Click the link below to find your perfect pieces to wear with every outfit…

Jewels and more…..


As you can tell… I’m a little obsessed with accessories. A good accessory can make any outfit come alive and can be versatile to look! That’s why I’m living for Jewels and More. This boutique carries the newest and most unique styles from jewelry to hair accessories!
“” A boutique online jewelry store with a great inspiration. This company was founded on the idea that jewelry should be versatile, effortlessly modern and at your reach. We carefully choose our designs with a purpose. They are meant to be relaxed and sophisticated. Intentionally chosen to be mixed and matched for a timeless and polished style. Our designs are simple yet fun and interesting, always giving the idea of “oh I just put this together” look. We thrive on the idea of providing different styles fit for all personalities that add a simple elegance to any outfit.
If you are looking for a way to express your inner fearless fashionista, creative mind and love of delicate, beautifully designed jewelry, we are the destination you are looking for. Always in search of the season’s hottest trends, timeless and artistically crafted pieces. It’s more than just jewels! “”
Join me in making a statement and becoming fearless when it comes to your accessories and shop Jewels and more by clicking the link below

Poplar and Ash…


Today’s look is from Poplar and Ash. A unique little boutique located in Brevard, North Carolina. This boutique also offers a wide variety of Art, clothing and accessories online as well. The look I’m wearing today is the Mocha fold over sweater. This style can be worn casually to lounge around in or paired with a pair of denim and some boots for weekend adventures! Shop the link below to get this look and so many more magical items from Poplar and Ash.

Time Kits USA….


56400238-2f52-44f2-bd68-b8c11c09c2f8I’ve always adored my Apple Watch….. but hated my band. Not only is it free from any kind of style but the band is heavy and uncomfortable. When I found Time Kits USA I was amazed by how much I loved their bands! They go above and beyond the simple Apple band. All of their bands are custom made to fit your wrist so you receive the maximum comfort when wearing your watch. They will even give you tips on measuring your wrist so you get the perfect fit! They have so many different styles to chose from leather, braided suede, leopard, rainbow… so many other different prints and colors! They also have wide bands or smaller hair tie bands. Their shipping is super fast and their communication is excellent. When your band arrives it even comes with a personal care not from the shop! Oh and don’t forget to sign up for their email, they will soon be implementing a lifetime 10% discount to anyone that signs up! I will never go back to a regular Apple band after trying Time Kits USA. I’m obsessed with the fit and comfort of this band, and love that I can have a stylish band to match every outfit! Change your outlook on your Apple Watch and shop the link below!



Unique hand made jewelry at affordable prices, what more could you want? That’s what you get from RingCrush and so much more! Their jewelry is more like a piece of art. All crafted from raw stones this company creates beautiful one of a kind earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.. all stylish pieces you can’t find anywhere else! Their story gets even better too…
Ringcrush was started at the end of 2016 in a small garage in Atlanta by Bailey Lehrer. Bailey quickly found popularity on Etsy with her designs, and slowly expanded by adding artisans to her team to help keep up with viral demand of her products. Currently Ringcrush employs 9 artists who lovingly handcraft each piece of jewelry, completely from scratch. Ringcrush is now featured in shops across the globe, and is the largest raw gemstone jewelry company in the US.
Ringcrush designs are completely handmade in Atlanta, Georgia, and feature genuine precious rough gemstones, like raw diamonds, raw sapphires, and raw emeralds. Using uncut gemstones allows these one of a kind pieces to be available at an accessible price point – most pieces under $50.
Get your own piece of wearable art from this beautiful shop by clicking the link below now below!