Hello Hats!!

If you’ve ever seen someone in a hat and immediately think “I wish I could pull that off”…. Guess what ..you can! You just have to find the right hat for you! I’m sure you have noticed how a hat can completely change the way you look. Your face is usually the first thing people notice about you. Wearing the right hat style that compliments your style and face shape will like a lot of accessories,help you feel even more confident and give off a fabulous first impression.
My first advice to anyone who wants to start wearing hats is to select a style you feel comfortable in….OWN IT! Hats aren’t meant to hide your bad hair or a blemish on your face. They are meant to highlight your already beautiful self. Selecting the right hat is important in pulling off that cool trendy look. So I’m going to share some shopping tips on buying your first hats.
What hats should you invest in? Well for beginners, a Fedora hat, a winter beanie,a newsboy and a cute wide brim hat. The hat choses should be simple with no fancy details in your best neutral colors beige, white, black,brown,grey navy. This will help you get started and make it easier to match up with several different pieces in your closet. Later when you feel more comfortable with hats you can start collecting more signature hats, grow your hat collection with with bright colors and trendy details such as a bright red beret or a hat with a fur Pom-Pom.
Questions to ask yourself before buying a hat…
1. Are hats your style?
2. Are you comfortable wearing a hat?
3. Do hats compliment your style? This is super important to looking confident, you should be wearing the hat not the other way around. It needs to blend with your outfit and personality.
4. Try wearing one hat for just a day.. How do you feel? Were you excited when you were shopping for it? If you aren’t comfortable wearing it..it won’t look good on you..
Here are some examples of signs that a hats may not be for you…
*if you feel like you are standing out and everyone is looking at you weird..that’s normally how a person would feel if they are not comfortable with what they are wearing
*when you wear it, do you always feel like it’s in the way. Do you keep adjusting it or keep trying to find a mirror to get a glimpse of how it looks.. This probably means hats just aren’t your thing, how you feel in your hat is important to how it looks on you. Like with me there are a few hats that that I don’t feel comfortable in but I feel cute in berets and glamorous in wide brim hats, so those are the ones I buy. Never buy a hat if you aren’t immediately comfortable in it.
So you have decided hats are your things.. Now comes the question which hat is right for my face. Here is a small guide to help you get started.
*oval face- large brim, floppy or straight, no wider than your shoulders
*round face- irregular brim, a prominent crown or a hat with a vertical design such as a feather.
*Rectangle face- full brims,uplifted brims,avoid small crowns and small brims that make your face look longer.
You also want to look at yourself in a full length mirror,does it look proportion to your body shape, height and overall silhouette? Take a look from all sides and see if it flatters you from all angles.
Now that you have all the tips to get started on your hat collection…it’s time for the fun part…shopping!!! Remember….a hat can add “Just a Touch of Magic”to any outfit so..happy shopping!


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