The Queen Bee


So let’s just say I have a small obsession with honey I put it on everything…. so when I ran across this store in my Christmas shopping adventures I was beyond excited! Not only does this store carry unique/ yummy gift ideas it also has a great story… I asked Jenny how and why she started “The Jenny Project” here what she said!
I originally started the business as a way to help my pug Beez, because she had some health issues and medical bills. Beez and I always been interested in saving the bees and would dress up every Halloween as bees to raise awareness for colony collapse disorder. I started the business with the lip balms calling them “Beez’ Balms” and sold them online and at work and to friends and family. And from there we decided to get some hives and start backyard beekeeping in Suffolk County Long Island. We have since moved up to Orange County NY last spring and are expanding our apiary, we now have several acres of which we will do lavender honey next year and expand our colonies.

We also feel very strongly about the environment and reusing and recycling what we can. Many of our candles are upcycled jars from second hand stores as we are trying to re purpose as much material as we can to save both the environment and money for our customer base so everyone wins!

We donate each month to a different bee research organization. Some of those organizations include The Center For Honeybee Research ( , ‪‬, ‪‬ and we had donated to Hurricane Relief in the Caribbean this fall because it most urgently needed. It is all about saving the “Beez’ ” (both my pup and the bee colonies). Our line has now extended from lip balms to body butters, soaps, candles, wood polish, beard balm and more to come. We do business as The Jenny B Project, though our LLC is Beez From The Block LLC and Beez is the CEO :).
So, by shopping “The Jenny B Project” you’re not only buying a unique gift for your loved ones… you’re helping to save the environment and save the Bees, also tasting this yummy honey myself you can’t go wrong with buying these products.
The gift box I featured on my insta includes a 4 oz 100% Beeswax candle, a 4 oz Beez’ Honey , and  4 oz Beez’ Pollen. as well as two Beez’ Bar Soaps. They have holiday lip balms and holiday boxes as well ranging from $2-$25 for gift ideas. So take my word.. SAVE THE BEES and head over to “The Jenny B Project” and find that perfect gift for that hard to shop for gift getter. Just click this link

use code SAVEBEEZ17 to receive 15% off now through December 17th!! Go check it out and add “Just a Touch of Magic” to your Christmas shopping list…


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