Wearable Art

When you have an artist this talented…. and it involves jewelry…. how could you not buy it. When I ran across Stephanie’s shop my jaw dropped. Not only are these earrings beautiful to wear but each piece is also unique and original..not one set is the same as the other. Plus I love the ethnic vibe these pieces give. They add a earthy hint to every outfit you wear them with. I ask Stephanie about her art….
“I am a self-taught artist who explores design using feathers and beadwork. I creates pieces that express a range of themes and cultures. All pieces are hand-made and unique in that no two are alike. I am Chief Designer and CEO of Janlitlfeather,LLC and a native of Maryland.
I can’t imagine finding a more unique Christmas gift than the pieces you will find in Stephanie’s shop Janlitlfeather explore her shop here… https://www.etsy.com/shop/janlitlfeather
These unique accessories will add “just a touch of Magic” to your gift giving this year…



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