When I came across this shop the name alone was enough to make me stop and look at what they had to offer. “TheGuacIsEXTRA”carries and assortment of the cutest most unique screen prints and then I say the Stranger Things hat and that’s all she wrote, I was hooked. Logan’s story is enough to get you interested
“This shop is the brainchild all my friends. They are constantly coming to me with requests for t-shirts they want me to make for them.Back in 2009 I started a clothing line that that turned into a souvenir/gift line for the ski industry. While I’m grateful for it’s success (over 50,000 shirts sold) it has been very limiting, creatively speaking, as most stores and resorts don’t like to try new things. Over the years I have been able to bring on several great pieces of equipment to help broaden my capabilities in designing garments. Having all this equipment on hand makes it easier for me to provide great quality pieces at low prices, being that I am the designer and printer.Around my shop you’ll find pieces that are silk screened, direct to garment prints, heat transfers, cut and sewn appliqués (my favorite), embroidered, and even laser etched.
With the assortment you find in the shop you are sure to find something to suit everyone on your list!! Shop TheGuacIsEXTRA here.



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