Charitable Jewelry

Jewelry,marble,pink, and handmade… all of my favorite things… when I saw this Necklace in Kaela’s shop “Kaela Compton designs” I was sooo excited!! Natural stones are popular and beautiful and the way Kaela puts her pieces together adds unique beauty to any outfit. I ask Kaela about her shop and here is what she said…”I am a small town Missouri girl born and raised now living in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and sweet dog, Millie. I am constantly inspired by the desert and the amazing landscape it provides (I swear it’s not all brown and dusty;)), the sunsets here are unreal! Living here sparked my love of art and need to create. The creation of my jewelry started when my love for jewelry met with my art background met with wanting to make an impact in our community. My husband is a Type 1 Diabetic and we always knew we wanted to give back and help the diabetic community in some way, so creating a jewelry line was just the way for us to do so. A portion of every purchase made is donated to help a diabetic family in need of medical supplies, insulin, or test strips. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by me and can be customized to you. I hope you all love wearing it as much as I love creating it!
Wow not only does Kaela make unique natural pieces but she also gives back to the community with every piece purchased. What better way to help you make a choice in buying a Christmas gift this season not only are you getting a beautifully crafted piece of wearable art but you are also giving back at the same time!! Even better now through December 15th get 20% off your order by using code Magic20. Visit Kaela Compton Designs by clicking here!



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