Reid’s Gourmet

As a lover of peanut butter and a person who has to watch what she eats,when I found Missi’s shop “Reid’s gourmet”…. I was in heaven. Gourmet peanut better is as good as it sounds, great quality all natural ingredients in an array of unique flavors. Needless to say I’m officially addicted!! So how did Reid Gourmet get it’s start? Well I ask Missi all about it….
“I’m a single mother and PB & honey lover concerned about what ingredients are in the foods I’m feeding my son. I found that with determination and a little extra time I can make high quality, great tasting healthy meals. In my quest to share nutritious and delicious foods, starting with the two products from where this journey began, Reid’s Gourmet was born.The name Reid is my Grandpa’s, a man who could not live a day without peanut butter.”
Quality all natural ingredients , unique flavors and an a amazing taste… all this put into a perfect gift set makes this store the perfect place to get your tasty gifts!
Visit “Reid Gourmet” here

Use code GIFTBOX3 to get a great discount!


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