The Magic of McKenna….

The only thing better than normal accessories are ones that are personalized… those pieces that add “Just a Touch of Magic”(wink,wink) to-your bracelets. What better way to give a gift than to make it just for them. Whether it be their name, their children’s birthdays, a favorite saying or like I did personalized just to my blog. You can find all that and more at “McKennaMadeitCustom”. You even get to pick your material and font. The perfect gift to tell them you really know them. Here is what McKenna had to say about her and her shop!
“Art is not a hobby, it’s a way of life!” Since I was a young girl I’ve made jewelry, taken pottery classes, painted.. you name it. I’ve found that art is the greatest form of therapy. This year I started making hand stamped jewelry, keychains, and other things and people kept saying “you need to sell this!!” so quite recently I opened my Etsy shop. I get so excited when people ask me to make them something, whether it’s jewelry with a cheeky saying, inspirational quote, or names of loved ones they want to keep close to them.. When people ask where they got it, they’ll be able to say “McKenna made it” I’m a single momma to the greatest little 6 (going on 16) year old so I figured why not do something I love and make a little extra money to fund his expensive toy habits”
Find out all about this amazing little shop by clicking here
Take my word for it McKenna’s pieces are magical!! The perfect gift for this holiday season!! Also save 10% on your order just by mentioning my blog!



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