Cute.. Clever.. and filled with Sass…

When a mug says everything you want to say… what better gift can you give. You will find funny, clever and cute saying plastered on mugs, makeup bags, pet tags and more at “Mika Mugs”. Here is a little about what Deborah said about her clever little shop…
“My name is Deborah Hamilton and my Etsy shop is Mika Mugs. Mika is the name of my cat, He is a Silver Tipped Persian and can usually be found curled up on a chair under our dining table. Which is also where I have my laptop setup and work on my mug designs. Yes, sometimes he will jump up and “help” me by walking across the keyboard. But mostly he just rests. It’s tough work, but somebody has to do it.I first joined Etsy back in 2011, as a user, I spent hours upon hours browsing through all the wonderful things the Etsy community produce.After having two wonderful children I started to get bored doing play-doh, craft and coloring. So decided to channel my creative talents into something a little more worthwhile.So far I have just been designing funny, clever or interest based coffee mugs.I have to admit I didn’t think I would enjoy the process quite as much as I do.I do the designs myself using a range of apps and software packages, then I found an amazing little boutique manufacturer in Bristol, PA who print my designs on the actual mugs.I also offer a custom service, where I am happy to customize any design, or add names etc to any of my designs.
“Mika Mugs” is a great shop to find cute and clever gifts for anyone! Click here to visit the shop..


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