Be a little Knotty…

When all you want for Christmas is a super cute beanie… well I’ve got you covered. At “TresKnottyCrochet” you can find high quality beanies, headbands, chunky scarfs and even messy bun beanies all in one stop. Here is a little about the shop owners and their unique little shop!
“Our names are Tracy and Rebecca – we are good friends who share a love of creating warmth through crochet. We are both originally from Toronto, ON, Canada, though Rebecca recently moved to New York City with her family. We’ve continued to share our creations and ideas despite living in two different, amazing cities. Each of our items are inspired by friendship, family, laughter, and love. We hope you enjoy wearing or gifting them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.
What better way to ring in the holidays than to buy from a shop that celebrates all they do with family, friends,love and might I add with Just a Touch of Magic… just click here to start shopping!!


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