Obsessed with Shade….

Why am I so obsessed with sunglasses? Well the obsession began when I was a kid.. then, sunglasses held some serious magical powers.. they held the ability to make me a different person.. older more sophisticated . I put them on and I could be anyone I imagined. They transformed me to a place I could then only dream of.
Now that I’m older the obsession and magic of sunglasses still remains. There are many reasons to love this accessory. Among many…what other accessory can give you the ability to stare at someone without them even knowing?? Oh come on…we all have wanted to stare at someone’s outfit or check out a hot guy walking by, but society frowns upon this..solution… put on a cute pair of sunglasses and stare away, they will be none the wiser.
Don’t have time to put on makeup? No problem, rock a pair of sunnies and no one will notice. Have you ever seen someone who didn’t automatically look better when wearing this magical accessory?
Each pair of sunglasses is a work of art, sure there are normal pairs but there are also some serious masterpieces out there. They can transform the simplest of outfits.
What’s their final superpower? They somehow amplify your swag..slide on a pair and feel transformed. The feeling that I felt when I was a child is still there, this accessory is magical and my obsession is real…..



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