Magically Confident….


I’ve never had a problem with confidence. I’ve always spoke boldly with intellect, never hushing my voice or how I feel. I’ve always felt comfortable in my skin always knowing who I am and loving it!! Feeling confident is never without work though… here are a few things I live by everyday so I can walk into everyday exuding confidence…
First….. “Never compare yourself to someone else” You are an original own it. Don’t be a copy of someone else, hold onto what make you different, and make it work for you!
Second… “ Tell yourself three positive things that you like about yourself everyday” We all focus on the negative , but why not focus on the amazing things about yourself! My examples.. I love my eyes, my fun fashion and my what do you love about you?
Next… “Take care of your looks” Dress how you want to feel! Don’t dress to impress others… dress to impress yourself. Dress great.. feel great! And add your own touch of you to every outfit!!
Last… “Confidence does not mean walking into a room with your nose stuck up in the air” Confidence is knowing the beauty you have but also recognizing the beauty in others and supporting them and letting them know how amazing they are!!
So stay positive.. love yourself and add some magic to each step in your day… and I promise CONFIDENCE will find you!


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