Slightly Sarcastic…

227B49C3-0C9F-46E5-8124-E483B9D1BD83When a store is called Slightly Sarcastic….we have a winner in my book…(not that I’m sarcastic or anything) This shop carries the cutest custom jewelry out there. From custom necklace, bracelets and rings all with the sassiest sayings… my favorite… what could make this shop even sweeter? Well I’ll let the owner tell you the shops little secret…
“I spent 20 years working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, California. In 2004 I adopted my first rescue dog, Gable, an 8 year old American Bulldog mix, and he absolutely changed my life. I started volunteering in dog rescue in 2013 for a great rescue in Long Beach, CA. After moving to Texas in 2014 my full-time past time has been fostering sick dogs and puppies for an amazing Houston based rescue. So after two years of not working it was time to find a job so I could donate more to my biggest passion- helping save homeless pets. I wanted to find something to do at home so I could continue to foster dogs and be on my own schedule. Jewelry making just kind of came to me. I’ve been crafty all my life and I bought a metal stamping kit to stamp my dog tags so all my foster dogs would have identification on their transport to their new homes. Then I started making bracelets and then I found my passion. A big percentage of all my sales go to a rescue each month.
If there’s anything you want said on metal- I can do custom and personalized items.
Thank you for shopping and helping save lives.”

Awesome jewelry and a great cause…can’t be better than this…Go shop the link below and spread the magic…


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