I love it when I find a boutique that’s exclusively for plus size women. They make it a point to spend more time finding the right fit/sizing for our bodies which turns out to be the most undated styles.. that’s just what Curvefull clothing does. They find the most unique and stylish clothing while still paying attention to finding the right fit perfect for every body..all at the best prices!!

“At Curvefull we believe natural beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, at the same time, we love a good bargain. That is why everything we sell is fashionable, but also frugal. We sell exclusively to the plus size women. We recognized that there’s a void in this market and being plus size ourselves brings a first person perspective and pride to what we do. Most of our sizes run 14-24, however we’re working to extend that to 12-28 in the near future. Everything we sell is 100% brand new, never worn or damaged. We work with Wholesalers in Los Angeles who provide us with a huge selection of merchandise at shockingly low prices. Because of that, items sell out quickly and our inventory changes very fast. Fortunately, new items are added about 3 to 4 times a week.”

Come find your perfect fit at the most fabulous prices from Curvefull by clicking the link below. Even better use my code “withjustatouchofmagic” to get 15% off your order!!!


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