Deep in the Woods…

Everyone is has those special occasions that you have to dress up for… or if you are like me and just want to over dress on random days of the week. Sometimes finding the right outfit can be difficult. Finding the perfect size, color and style can be a ridiculously tiring. I found the perfect shop that takes care of everything for you and takes their style a little outside the box(because who wants to wear a boring outfit…). Deep in the Woods creates customs tulle skirt outfits for all of your occasions. They are custom made just for you so they fit perfectly and you get to pick your colors so your not wearing something you didn’t really like.

Deep in the Woods was established 9 years ago starting just selling to stores on consignment, but Catherine saw Etsy as a way to be more creative with her work. She recently stepped away from making products with sustainable materials to be able to better serve her customers growing choses, but all of her items are still ethically made by her and are one of a kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

Create the perfect outfit made just for you by shopping the link below!


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