Shave … shave.. shave… boom

Have you ever been out and realized that you forgot to shave… how embarrassing. Or if you’re like me and miss a few spots on your legs and have uncomfortable prickly hairs. Well what if I said you could take your water,soap and razor with you everywhere so you can shave anywhere. I’ve just discovered Sphynx, a portable razor, water and soap all in one compact gadget! Just twist, spray water, twist, moisturize, then twist and shave anywhere… anytime..and then pop it back in your bag.

Tips for using your Sphynx…

• If you have long nails (like some of us do in our office!), rotate the center dial with both thumbs 🙂 it’s much easier that way!

• When you’re done shaving, rub any remaining lather into your skin. It doubles as an after-shave moisturizer.

• For a quick clean, let the razor air dry and then just blow off the hair or gently wipe off the blade.

• For a more thorough clean, rinse your blades under pressured water.

So join the smooth life and get your own Sphynx by clicking the link below!

Sphynx Portable Razor



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