Genie Beaty Magic…

When it comes to cosmetics there are so many choses that my head is usually all over the place. But after finding Genie Beauty I can rest easy knowing I have made the right choses in beauty products. Genie Beauty isn’t just any makeup… the founder Lisa Claycomb developed a new category in Beauty… Instant Skincare. These instant benefit driven products have long term benefits of repairing and transforming your skin.

Let’s start with the Triple action Microdermabrasion Exfoliant Face Scrub, this product is perfect for me because it helps brighten your dull skin and helps with breakouts and clogged pores which even as an adult are still part of my skincare problems. Next is the Antioxidant Foundation, so what’s so special about this powder foundation you might ask… well it no budge coverage.. waterproof/sweat proof which is perfect for everyday or if you’re me.. ideal for those scorching summer days here in Georgia! Next is the Million Dollar Lash Kit… we all know I love me some dramatic lashes.. well this product increases your own lashes length and thickness by 300%… no clumping or flaking, and to add to those dramatic lashes.. is the Superglide Gel Liner.. no budging,smudging or running.

I’ve fallen in love with these products! Join the innovation of beauty with Genie Beauty by clicking the link below!

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