Mona… Mona…

As I’ve said before I have very sensitive skin . I break out easily, therefore I’m very careful about the skincare products I use on my face! I found Mona Botanicals and thought I would give them a try… needless to say I’m obsessed! I used their Rose clay exfoliating mask first, I mixed the powdered clay with plain yogurt from my fridge.. let it dry and after a little while washed it off with water… my skin was left feeling clean and refreshed and the best part… no breakouts after!

All of Mona Botanical products are made fresh in small batches with organic, unrefined, herb infused cold pressed plant oils and butters and steamed distilled therapeutic grade essential oils to assure the highest quality product. So join me in having natural healthy glowing skin my shopping Mona Botanicals below!


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