Clothing with “Purpose”…

Happy Friday babes! Today’s look is from a shop called Curves with Purpose! I’m obsessed with this shop because they do something amazing for women with curves everyday…. their mission is to inspire women on the body journeys and help them to feel comfortable in there own skin ….all while featuring beautiful unique pieces that are meant to shine on women with curves such as the outfit I’m featuring today!

“Curves with Purpose, as a place to get the Best and Trendy Plus Size Clothing, started decades before it launched, as a student in fashion design school, I watched my own family and friends struggle to find beautiful, quality clothes that fit their shape.  I knew then there was a dire need in the marketplace and nearly two decades later Curves with Purpose evolved to resolve the ongoing need for quality timeless pieces for every purpose.

Our (fashion) journey continues. The e-commerce marketplace is ascending the movement of shape diversity, curating global brands for women sizes up to 3X, utilizing an online fit tool to ease the online shopping experience, providing size and styling recommendation. Fundamentally true to our foundation we continue to support our charitable organizations in an effort to help disrupt the cycle of poverty.”

So share your body journey and shop Curves with Purpose by clicking the link below!

Today’s look….

Kel Roll sleeve Jacket- $70.00

Diana skinny jeans – on sale now $59.00


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