Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? I’ve tried them all… all those whitening toothpaste and gels with the lights. They were a waste of time compared to Hugh. All you do with these black charcoal strips is put them on your top and bottom teeth… wait 20 minutes… take them off … brush your teeth.. and you’re done. Easy and the nifty packs are so small they can travel with you anywhere!

Activated charcoal is one of nature’s elixirs, clarifying everything it touches. Charcoal whitening strips will remove surface stains gently, and many people see results after the first use.

What are the ingredients?

Our formula is made up of 8 simple ingredients that safely, gently whiten your teeth.

Does it really work?

The charcoal in Hugh Smile Strips acts like a vacuum cleaner to surface stains. Drink coffee daily? Enjoy red wine on the reg? Not a problem! By using Hugh once a week, your teeth will get the natural refresh to brighten and whiten them gently.

How many times can I whiten each month?

It’s safe to whiten up to 14 times each month. That said, we recommend adding it to your routine once or twice a week for 20-minutes.

So join Hugh by clicking the link below!


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