Summers end…

Summer is coming to an end.. so let’s review some of my favorite summer accessories…..

1. Straw Bags! These lil puppies are everywhere you turn! You can really dress up any fun outfit with this type of bag and it adds an instant summer look to it! It’s great for a vacation trip or drinks with the girls! Plus, so many stores have them which means there is a wide array of prices available!

2. Straw Hats. Sticking with the straw trend, straw hats are also a summer accessory must this year! I feel as though they really bump up any outfit and just take it was casual to pulled together in an instant. Plus it protects your skin from the sun! My favorite this summer was the above from The Inspired Closet

3. Sunnies. These are obvious, but you can never go wrong with a cute pair of sunnies to add confidence to ant outfit!

4. Espadrille Wedges. You can seriously find this style wedge EVERYWHERE. Even target has a beautiful pair that I personally own and love! They’re great for pairing with shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans, and they’re comfy too!

5. Layered Rings. I personally love the look of layered rings with a beautiful tan! I think they had a touch of boho to any look!


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