Navy Jane…


Today’s look is from Navy Jane! Not only to I love their name I love their clothing! I’m wearing the Laura 3/4 sleeve tunic top with border! I love everything about this top.. how the color pops .. the fit it perfection .. the material is soft.. even though this top is themed more nautical or sporty.. it is nice enough to be dressed up too! I feel fabulous and confident in this top! Navy Jane not only has the most unique nautical inspired clothing, but I love the story behind this company too!
Here is Lauren the founder of NavyJane to tell her story!
. I love designing and creating clothes that make me feel more confident and attractive when I wear them.    I believe when you feel good you make healthier choices.     I’d like to share my love for designing clothes, helping others, and promoting women with you!
I’ve been a nurse for 20+ years. I stumbled into becoming a designer after having cancer.  I lost a lot of weight and wanted to wear something that made me feel attractive, that revved me up and made me feel pretty, sassy and like I had myself together.  See ya later cancer, you’re finished!   I left the 3rd store just about in tears, willing to spend money, but unable to find something to buy.  Now, cancer has a way of making you check in with yourself…  I didn’t make an official bucket list, but creating something big, a company was definitely on that “list.”    When I couldn’t find clothes, a light bulb went off and NavyJane was born.
Navy Jane is a Connecticut company, nautically inspired by my love for sailing and being on the water.    The name NavyJane is derived from father who was in the Navy, and my mother Jane.   With the support of my parents, sister Helene & brother Will, and their respective families,  I got through cancer.   The names of the clothes are named after special people.  Family:  Helene, Janie, Laura, Emily, Erin, Rose, Lexi, Beth, Evelyn and close friends or their kids.
I love the family feel of this company.. and you know I love a good women kicking cancers butt story! Everything about Navy Jane invited you in for a magical shopping experience! Even there mission statement is empowering! “Our mission is to provide classic, stylish, well made clothing that enhances self esteem and body positive feelings.  I believe that when you feel good in what  you are wearing you make healthier choices.” Shop this fabulous shop by clicking the link below!


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