Buck Naked…


My obsession with Buck Baked Soap Company is real… this company sells unique bath and body products that are not only super cute but are beneficial to skin care. Here are my fav products… it was super hard to choose.
* Coffee start up soap.. not only does it smell like a coffee shop in your bathroom but this soap is invigorating, energetic and soothes irritated dry skin. It also reduces the look of fine lines.. what could be better?
* Jasmine+ Charcoal Sugar Scrub… this product gently exfoliates and leaves skin nice and smooth. This scrub is also soap based not oil based., it detoxifies skin while providing tone and elasticity. Even more exciting… this scrub is made from fair trade ingredients… doing good for your skin while doing good for our world!
* Coffee Start up Dead Sea Salt Soak…yep I’m obsessed with this coffee scent.. it’s just too good. Packed with 21 essentials minerals and made from the finest salt crystals from the Dead Sea, this soak hydrates skin, reduces fine lines and breaks down toxins!
Wrap your skin in all the uniqueness Buck Naked Soap Company offers by clicking the link below! Use my code “TOUCHOFMAJIC15” to receive 15% off your $10 or more order!



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