Republic of Pigtails…


Everyone knows about my strange obsession with hats…the more unique the better! Republic of Pigtails carries one of a kind hats and fascinators in all different shape and sizes! Each design is inspired by the owners daughter, her friends and their fabulous mothers! Here is a little about how this fabulous company got its start!
My name is Rika Gunawan. I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a designer and for over 10 years I worked in the corporate world as an Interior Designer for
Healthcare Environments. Not designing mansions for Hugh Hefner in Malibu. Not even high-end Chuck E Cheese’s in the Hamptons. Just functional, practical Healthcare Design. But for me, design is design, no matter what is being created. It is second nature to me. It is my food, my fuel. Design is not work…it’s play! So when all the stars aligned (that lay off thing, remember?), I knew it was time to really dedicate myself to a true calling, and so began the story of “Republic of Pigtails”.
A unique collection of handmade hair accessories, Republic of Pigtails is dedicated to my daughter, her edgy little friends and their hot, trendy mamas who love to look fabulous. Each accessory is named after our family and friends who supply a constant source of inspiration. This connection between my loved ones and the accessories that they inspire is a huge part of what makes Republic of Pigtails so special. Each piece has its own identity and personality, complete with a little narrative that embodies the special person that helped create it just by being who they
I’m obsessed with the hat I’m featuring from the shop today! Looks like a super cute hat.. right ?….well don’t let your eyes fool you.. this is actually a headband! Even better.. a hat that won’t fall off!!!
Join my obsession by clicking the link below!


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