Escape to Calypso’s Island…


I’m always looking to find those special, unique pieces of jewelry that provide magic to all of my outfits! The problem with Calypso’s Island is all their pieces are original, unique and make a statement, it make choosing very difficult!
Calypso’s Island is a tropical state of mind! The brand is celebrated for its Island inspiration and high quality materials! Jewelry designer Audrey “Calypso” D’alessandro believes in the power of nature and that we are all a part of its amazing simplicity and splendor.It is part of her mission to use sustainable materials that are gifted to us from Mother Earth. Some of the sustainable materials she uses include coconut, wood, nuts, shells, seeds, and ethically sourced animal bone. They have also been featured in several prime time shows such as , Jane the Virgin, The Fosters, and the Vampire Diaries.
The beautiful item from Calypso’s Island I’m featuring today is the “Guyana Necklace”. An arrowhead dipped in 24k gold pendant on a gold chain! A beautiful statement piece that makes magic happen with any outfit in your closet! Shop these unique pieces and escape to the Island by clicking the link below!


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