Harvest Winds….


I love giving unique gifts for the holidays. I love even more to give gifts that have a rich history behind them them and tell a story all their own. When I first came across Harvest Winds, the artistry of these beautiful hand crafted quilts made me stop to take a second look. The time and effort that goes into one of these pieces makes these quilts one of a kind but it’s the company’s story that makes this a truly special item!
Harvest Winds has been open for six years..they are located on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. Eight people work here they are all local to the Parmelee,SD area and all Native American. The Star Quilt resonates with their Lakota Culture of honoring and celebrating family and friends. The Native American culture does a wake after someone passes away. They hang Star Quilts around the church and casket as a send off. They also use different colors to celebrate birthdays weddings and graduations. There is not a lot of jobs in the Reservation, hardly any transportation to go to other towns. We can make any size quilts in pretty much any color. If they don’t see what they need on Etsy, just ask!
These quilts aren’t only unique but they are full of culture and traditions that have been passed down through the years! Shop this special shop by clicking the link below!



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