I’m always on the lookout for jewelry that fits my country girl at heart personality but also brings the glam… I ran across ShedLaces on Etsy and it felt like home! They carry a wide variety of handmade jewelry for every country gal and they love custom orders! Here is a few words from the owner of ShedLaces Amanda Miller….
Let me tell you a little about ShedLaces. My husband and son hunt a lot and they hunt everything. I’ve been making jewelry for years, however, ShedLaces started as I decided to incorporate some of the wild life we have at home. We have a black lab named Shed, my son named him Shed because he wanted to train him to hunt for deer sheds, so that’s what we did. Therefore, I decided to use some of the antlers we have and make necklaces out of them and that’s how I came to ShedLaces. Shed + Necklaces = ShedLaces. All necklaces are handmade from white-tailed deer antlers. I cut them, clean them up and make them into jewelry. As this is the foundation of Shedlaces, I do offer all types of other Jewelry as well and I love custom orders. If you have killed a deer, I can take your antlers and make jewelry out of them. I also enjoy taking other’s memories and making jewelry out of them. If you’ve had a loved one pass and have an old shirt, I can take the material and make a tassel necklace or tassel key chain out of the old shirt. Please feel free to comment or send me a message with any questions.
Join me and find your inner country girl and shop ShedLaces at the link below!


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