Unique hand made jewelry at affordable prices, what more could you want? That’s what you get from RingCrush and so much more! Their jewelry is more like a piece of art. All crafted from raw stones this company creates beautiful one of a kind earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.. all stylish pieces you can’t find anywhere else! Their story gets even better too…
Ringcrush was started at the end of 2016 in a small garage in Atlanta by Bailey Lehrer. Bailey quickly found popularity on Etsy with her designs, and slowly expanded by adding artisans to her team to help keep up with viral demand of her products. Currently Ringcrush employs 9 artists who lovingly handcraft each piece of jewelry, completely from scratch. Ringcrush is now featured in shops across the globe, and is the largest raw gemstone jewelry company in the US.
Ringcrush designs are completely handmade in Atlanta, Georgia, and feature genuine precious rough gemstones, like raw diamonds, raw sapphires, and raw emeralds. Using uncut gemstones allows these one of a kind pieces to be available at an accessible price point – most pieces under $50.
Get your own piece of wearable art from this beautiful shop by clicking the link below now below!


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