Time Kits USA….


56400238-2f52-44f2-bd68-b8c11c09c2f8I’ve always adored my Apple Watch….. but hated my band. Not only is it free from any kind of style but the band is heavy and uncomfortable. When I found Time Kits USA I was amazed by how much I loved their bands! They go above and beyond the simple Apple band. All of their bands are custom made to fit your wrist so you receive the maximum comfort when wearing your watch. They will even give you tips on measuring your wrist so you get the perfect fit! They have so many different styles to chose from leather, braided suede, leopard, rainbow… so many other different prints and colors! They also have wide bands or smaller hair tie bands. Their shipping is super fast and their communication is excellent. When your band arrives it even comes with a personal care not from the shop! Oh and don’t forget to sign up for their email, they will soon be implementing a lifetime 10% discount to anyone that signs up! I will never go back to a regular Apple band after trying Time Kits USA. I’m obsessed with the fit and comfort of this band, and love that I can have a stylish band to match every outfit! Change your outlook on your Apple Watch and shop the link below!


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