I love minimalist jewelry that still makes a statement! DyNaMo makes unique high end pieces that work with textures, rare stones and magical geometric shapes. This shop specializes in making pieces that get you more wear for less money…
Dana and Melissa are the creators with the imagination behind DyNamo. We had met a lifetime ago, through a friend, in which they realized they had shared many of the same hobbies and interests. DyNamo all started after I had been making jewelry for myself and thought it would be fun to continue to keep making jewelry. Melissa, who had similar interests in doing crafty things, like knitting, was interested in the proposition of combing forces. The name Dynamo was born after we had sat down trying to think of a good way to combine both of our names. Melissa frequently goes by the nickname Mo, and we also know that awesome things happen we get together, so Dynamo just seemed to fit. Creating accessories was the obvious choice since the economy was tanking and people did not have a lot of money to spend on things that were not a necessity. Accessories are the easiest way to get a ton of mileage out of a wardrobe without having to go out and buy all new clothes. Many of our items are inspired by runway trends, and re-inventing existing materials.We love giving existing items a second life, especially when it comes to our packaging. By minimizing the amount of packaging materials we use, this is our commitment to sustainability. We use recycled paper toweling tubes for shipment of our rings. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also helps keep precious cargo safe! Many of our other products are shipped with paper products that are easily recyclable as well.
Click the link below to find your perfect pieces to wear with every outfit…


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