F910F784-38CA-47D6-8B31-D27E79AA909AThe perfect statement piece can make an outfit! Finding jewelry that transitions flawless from day to night wear is every girls dream. KayandStar carry a huge variety of handmade jewelry carefully crafted from the perfect materials like tassels and arrowheads. Here is their story….
KayandStar began as a dream many years ago in my childhood home as I watched my mother craft and create all sorts of beautiful things. It seemed to me that anything she touched turned to gold! Now I am honored to be working side by side with the most brilliant artist I know creating works of art for all to wear! My name is Jordan Star. I am a wife, mother of 3, ballet dancer in a former life and now artisan of beaded tassel jewelry! My mother is Julie Kay. She is a wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 16, and my creative mentor of all things artistic. Together we love to CREATE AND GIVE original pieces of jewelry. Each piece is handmade including the colorful tassels with a variety of accent focal beads. Our necklaces transition flawlessly from a casual day look to an elegant evening attire. We make most of pieces with gemstones and also use arrowheads, agate slices and horns. We hope you find a look that reflects your artistic style! May our jewelry inspire you to CREATE AND GIVE!
Find that perfect price you can’t live without or create magic for someone else by finding the perfect gift by shopping the link below!


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