Aline Seiler…

I love a good handbag.. but my true obsession is clutches! They add a splash of whimsy to every outfit! Aline Seiler custom makes each of her pieces. Every minimalist leather bag is hand crafted in Germany with the finest quality materials. Here is a little bit about this magical company!

“My passion for fashion and beautiful things had produced more and more willingness to pay for the perfect handbag during my career. Along with the desire to acquire a timeless, modern classic of the highest quality, my frustration increased more and more.

At every potential dream part I did not like something.So the idea came up to design my own leather goods and make them by hand.

I just want that frustration on my collection not to arise. You like the bag itself, but you want to change a specific detail? No problem! Or exactly this product only in a different color? No problem!My goal is to create your dream products that are tailored to your specific needs.Everything is cut, sewn and processed by me.Companions for life should arise in this way.I am looking forward to the common, creative journey to your favorite part.”

Join me in creating your own bag with Aline Seiler and carry a bit of magic everyday! Just click the link below to start shopping!




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