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I’m always looking for a yummy new snack, Biscolata Mood cookies are the perfect on the go treat! A crispy cookie filled with creamy milk chocolate. And they even come with Mood emojis on the cookie to compliment any mood you’re in!!

A Crisp Cookie Shell

Enjoy the Cookie Collection that would be rich enough for royalty.

Milk Chocolate Cream Filling

A great choice for birthday parties, office potlucks, and other get-togethers, this assortment lets you treat your guests to the genuine happiness of chocolate.

Uniquely Shaped

Celebrate life’s little moments with those who matter most when you share Biscolata

Celebrate Life

Seek out the things that make you happy and bring that joy to your life. Celebrate wins at work and at home with Biscolata

Here’s what you get!!

• CRISPY AND SAVORY Perfectly baked crispy cookie shell filled with delicious milk chocolate

• 6 CUPS Comes with 6 fun and delicious cups containing cookies

• A TREAT FOR ANY MOOD Mood emojis on the cookies are a treat for any mood you are in.

• ON THE GO CUP Uniquely designed cups allows you to carry your cookies to everywhere

Join me and my obsession with this delicious treat!! Click the link below!!

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