Down this Blissful rabbit hole….


Finding affordable clothing for myself as a plus size women can be very difficult and annoying.. finding the perfect fit while trying not to look like my grandmother’s twin (even though she is gorgeous.. I mean age appropriate clothing) can be a struggle. Until I fell down a rabbit hole and stumbled upon Blissful Chic. A online boutique that seemed tailored for my needs. Carrying plus size clothing with unique and current styles.. all at an affordable price. It seemed as if I was in a dream. I asked the creator of such a shop how this magic happened.

‪ is an online curvy fashion boutique, founded by Traci Thompson out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Yes, we ship worldwide). Having issues herself finding clothes other than black sack-like objects to wear that cost the same as buying a small Canadian province, she went on a quest to find fashionable and affordable curvy/plus-sized clothing, continuing the quest to this day. Oh, and we’re animal friendly, so no animal is ever used for any of the clothing, accessories or jewellery.‬”
Follow me down this magical Plus size rabbit hole by clicking the link below.


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