Lash out…

Never underestimate the power of a good lash.. I always struggled with feeling confident with my own lashes.. or lack there of. I tried all the volume building mascaras and none of them gave me the result I was looking for. So I started wearing false lashes they definitely gave me the drama lashes I was hoping for, but with false lashes if you don’t find the right brand you have a whole new set of problems… but all my worried disappeared when I found Ella’s Body Shop. They offer natural, vegan friendly products and they have a variety of lashes to choose from.

“The sanctuary for people who care about their skin and exactly what they feed it.

Ella’s Body Shop provide natural, vegan friendly beauty / body products.

This summer –

Amp up your glam game and create a sensual, DRAMATIC look with Ella’s; Diva worthy, double layered, full volume/length eyelashes. Made from the finest quality human hair, these eyelashes are cruelty-free, natural and soft to touch.

Our lashes are easy to put on, very comfortable and super light weight!

With great care, Ella’s Lashes can last up to 8 weeks with daily use!!!

Each pair of these gorgeous lashes comes in a stunning glittery package, ready for gifting.

This Autumn be sure to check out our natural, vegan body butters, shower creams and body scrubs to keep the skin hydrated and ready for the colder months!”

Soooo…who wants to get Dramatic with me…shop the link below to get your own set eye popping lashes!


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