Gotiska Stil…….

I love when I find uncommon design in contemporary pieces of jewelry. That’s why I’m obsessed with “Gotiska Stil” (which means Gothic Style in Swedish) their jewelry is unique and edgy, with a touch of dark and natural. I am taken to another time and place with their use of breathtaking natural raw stones and metals in their designs. Here is a little about how Gotiska Stil got its start….
Beginning in Metals/Jewelry Design at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York; I started my business in February 2016. Gotiska Stil is the name of my Jewelry business which means ‘Gothic Style’ in Swedish; My background is Swedish and Polish which inspires my work everyday. I chose the word “Gothic” because my work is slightly edgy & dark. Some of my designs are energized by Gothic Calligraphy and architecture. Other pieces I have available are of classical designs with my own, uncommon design! I put my heart and soul in each piece I handcraft for you, personally.
Find the work of wearables art that fits your personality the best by clicking the link below and shopping this inspirational boutique.


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