House of Adornments….


When it comes to my accessories… the more whimsical and original the better. That is why I’m now obsessed with House of Adornments. Not only do they have an fun and fresh name but they also carry a huge selection of handmade jewelry, sunnies, accessories and vintage items, all unique items you can’t find anywhere else. Here is a little tidbit from the shop owner and creator…
I am the creative force behind Femme Metale. As a former model, Hollywood makeup artist and wardrobe stylist, creativity has always been in my blood. I have been designing my own clothes and accessories since I was very young. With many high school and college jewelry classes under my belt, I decided to put this knowledge and my love of fashion to work. In January 2000 with a passion for fashion, Rock & Roll and precious metal, Femme Metale was born. My focus on high quality, always original designs and exceptional customer service have made Femme Metale the leader in “sterling silver jewelry that rocks.” I always need to be creating. So I love to decorate, repurpose, design and be crafty!
Join the creativity of the unique and shop House of Adornments through the link below!


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